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5 Secrets To Persuading Your Employees To Do What You Want Them To Do

How To Motivate Employees

Persuasion is both an art and a science. There are many books on the market that explain how to use it to get what you want. After reading several of them, I’ve found that persuading someone to do what you want them to do boils down to the following 5 things:

WIIFM; What’s In it for me?
How to motivate employees by showing them what they get out of it

When trying to persuade someone to achieve a particular result, you must talk about what’s in it for them. For anyone to agree to do something for you, they must get something out of it.

For example, if you’re trying to persuade your employees to work together more as a team instead of carrying the “everyman for himself “attitude, you can say the following: “If we quit worrying about our own work and help each other out, we can work together more as a team which means that we can service the customer better which will lead to more referrals, and we all know that we close 90 –100% of our referrals. These referrals will increase sales which will lead to a larger raise for all of us.

Focus On Them
How to motivate employees by making them the center of attention

Rare people go the extra mile for people they don’t like. Usually, we mere mortals decide to put forth the extra effort on a project or task only because we like the person overseeing it. Getting an employee to like you is one of the secrets to persuading them to do what you want them to do, whether that’s to show up for work on time or increase their productivity. How do you get someone to like you?

I can write an entire book on this subject, but it boils down to only one thing; focus on them. Sincerely ask them about their kids, pets, hobbies, vacations, hopes and dreams. Many times, people only enjoy talking about one thing – themselves. If you want them to like you, that’s the subject you talk to them about.

Share the Vision
How to motivate employees by conveying the concept

The Bible says in Proverbs: “Where there’s no vision, the people perish.” This means that if a person doesn’t see the big picture, they may begin to falter. People need the star of Bethlehem – those signs to guide them on their way. Employees are no different. When they’re not continually reminded of why they’re doing something, they begin to lose steam.

For example, if you own an answering service and your company’s mission is to impress the customer but your employees are too busy to answer the phone, you’re not fulfilling your mission. You must restructure your entire company to accommodate this undertaking.

The next step is to share this concept with your staff several times a month in various different forms: at meetings, on a banner that you hang front and center, and on your stationery that you fax them memos on. This mental image should permeate their very existence every where they turn.

Pay Plans
How to motivate employees through wages

Compensation with built-in pain inflictors and rewards are one of the most untapped resources to get your employees to do what you want them to do. For example; if the top 2 weaknesses of your employees are tardiness and low quality of work, you can tailor their wages to virtually eliminate these problems. Here’s how:

Create what’s called an “availability bonus; if the maximum rate you can pay your employees is $12/hour, structure your pay plan for them to receive an $11/hour rate and a $1/hour availability bonus. Any time they’re late; they lose this $1/hour availability bonus for the entire pay period.

Develop a quality bonus to eliminate the low quality of work weakness. As long as they get zero complaints on their quality of work, they’ll receive $100 every quarter.

You would be amazed at how these pain-inflictors and rewards added into their pay do a fantastic job to persuade them to adhere to a desired behavior.

Back Door Them
How to motivate employees through inventing small stages of advancement

Most employees lack the confidence it takes to step up to the plate and take on more responsibility. Some of them actually believe that they lack the talent and ability to elevate themselves beyond the level at which they’re at. This is where you come in.

Just as most NFL football players need their coaches to root them on and tell them they’re doing a great job, your employees need this also. They need you to instill in them the confidence it takes to overcome their fear of failure. One of the easiest ways to do this is to back door them.

For each position you have, create tiny levels of advancement. For example; if you need to hire an office manager and one of your current employees has what it takes to do the job but is fearful of stepping forward, let them take on one small task at a time. Start them out by scheduling the work. After they feel comfortable doing that, add calling the customers. When they mastered that, add getting the employees out the door and so on and so on. Pretty soon, they’re performing the entire job without the promotion or the pay. Then you ask them to become your office manager.

Motivating your employees can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 when you implement these 5 methods of persuasion.

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