Casey Reynolds

4 Shortcuts To Getting Your Employees To Come To Work Today...

And Every Day
Employees calling in sick

One of the single largest problems companies have across the board is employee attendance. When your staff members don’t come to work not only does production suffer, but morale falls as the others have to pick up the slack. The following are 4 methods for getting your employees to show up for work every day:

Create a Friendly Workplace
Use emotional attachment to eliminate employees calling in sick

Develop a warmhearted environment so that your employees want to come to work. Create a team spirit where each member plays an important role in the total picture. Make the job fun. Make them feel special and important. Show them you respect them. Let them know they’re a person, not just a number.

Establish a Reward System
Employees calling in sick may diminish if you implement an awards program

Pay a bonus each pay period, monthly or quarterly for good attendance. Make the bonus obtainable so that employees don’t give up on striving for the goal. Also, give prizes for good attendance. Present plaques or certificates to any employee who hasn’t called off in 3 or 4 months.

Develop Communication Between Management and Staff
Prevent employees calling in sick by establishing rapport

Communicate with each employee regarding the attendance standards you expect. Write these standards in your employee policy manual and have the employee sign off on it.

Share with them the impact of what happens when they don’t come to work - how it affects their paycheck, how it affects their co-workers, how the workload still needs completed, how their team members will have to pick up the slack when they call off, how it affects the overall health of the company, how if the company makes less, so will they, how the company may need to hire another person just to cover for them.

Balance the Workload
Reduce employees calling in sick by giving out tasks proportionally

Don’t work your staff so hard that they’re continually exhausted. Some employees need a lighter workload in order to not feel so overwhelmed. Other employees get easily bored and require more challenges. Know the ones who like to work long hours and the ones who don’t. To the best of your ability, try to arrange the schedule to accommodate this.

There is definitely an epidemic in the workplace of employees calling in sick. Using these 4 shortcuts to getting your employees to come to work can make the difference between a good work environment and a great one.

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