Casey Reynolds

3 Keys To Defining Your Target Employee

Who are they really?

Some business owners have no idea who their customers are let alone who their target employee is. Defining both could mean the difference between success and failure. How can you shoot at a target while being oblivious to what that target is?

Requirements To Finding Good Employees

What requirements do you look for in a prospective employee?

Drivers license
Availability :
  full- time versus part- time
  short- term versus long- term
Transportation to work

Experience and Education
Crucial to finding good employees

What experience and education do you look for in a prospective employee?

Minimum # of years of employment at each prior job
Minimum # of years per specific job with related experience
Degree versus no degree
    4 year degree
    2 year degree

Task-Oriented Versus People –Oriented
Personality characteristics are the key to finding good employees

This key is very important to the success of your retaining employees. People will not stay at a task-oriented detailed job if their personality is people-oriented, and vice versa. The way to verify this is to do a personality profile test to determine which type of personality they have. The following are careers that best suit task-oriented and people-oriented types.

Task-oriented People- oriented
Accountant Customer Service
Computer analyst Sales
Researcher Receptionist
Assembler Counselor
Paralegal Nurse

Now that you have defined your target employee, the next step is to develop your advertisement and marketing to attract them

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