Casey Reynolds

Top 5 Reasons Why Most Employee Advertising Campaigns Don’t Work

And How You Can Overcome Them

Poorly Written Ad
Scream your USP when advertising job positions

Most business owners are time-starved. Because of this, they sometimes just copy their competitor’s employee classified ads and wonder why they don’t work. Here’s why they don’t work - their competitor did the same exact thing – copied their competitors employees ads.

If you’re going to follow this path to save yourself time, I suggest that instead of writing out an ad, you just write the words “me too.” But if you actually want any level of success you’ll have to figure out your company’s USP (unique selling point). To figure your Unique Selling Point read the article called “How to Write a Killer Classified Ad”.

Not Qualifying Them
Determine eligibility when advertising job positions

Asking qualifying questions both over the phone and on the interview is paramount to your success in hiring the right people. If you skip over this step, you’re not only wasting your time hiring the wrong people, but you’re also wasting your office staff’s time setting up the interviews, your manager’s time interviewing plus the money it costs you to pay them both.

Some examples of qualifying questions are:

Do you have a Pennsylvania driver’s license?
We travel all over the city as far as Greensburg, is that too far for you to travel?
We’re looking for someone to work Monday through Friday from 8: 00 a.m. to 5: p.m., Are you available during those hours?
Are you looking for a short-term position or a long-term one?
Are you looking for full-time or part- time?
How many words per minute do you type?

Not Selling Them
Persuade when advertising job positions

After you qualify your prospective employee and set up the interview, sell them on your company and position before they hang up. People sometimes have short memories. As the labor market continues to tighten, the percentage of prospective employees who don’t show up for the interview is rising due to the large number of options that they have.

An example of selling your prospective employee on your company or position is to reiterate to them your company’s USP (unique selling point) and benefits from the ad. For example:

“When you work for us, you’ll not only have summers off (your USP) but you’ll also have benefits from day one and 2 weeks paid vacation after only 30 days.”

Not Scheduling The Interview Fast Enough
Book the interview immediately when advertising job positions

As I said earlier, people have short memories. It’s to your benefit to schedule the interview as quickly as possible. Research shows that every day you wait increases the percentage of interview no shows. Like they always say, “Get ‘em while they’re hot.”

Not Answering The Phone
Make answering the phone a priority when advertising job positions

I am still amazed at how many businesses never answer their phone. They’ll spend thousands of dollars on advertisement a year but skimp on hiring enough people to answer the phone. People today have short attention spans. If you don’t answer the phone, they’ll just go down the list and give their business to the next company on the list. Prospective employees are no different. The faster you touch base with them, the more likely you’ll be able to hire them and not lose them to your competition.

As you can see there are many reasons most employee advertising campaigns don’t work. But if you write a persuasive employee ad, qualify them so you don’t waste your time, sell them on your company, schedule the interview immediately and answer the phone when they call, you will have the makings of a very successful employee advertising campaign.

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